Manutenzione - Servizi Zava Meccanica


The experience, the professionally and the flexibility of our technicians, permit us to be able to operate rapidly and efficaciously either for programmed stop or for extraordinary maintenance.

Our personal is formed by skilled technicians, able to realized either mechanical maintenance or piping in inox in order to better satisfy all the customer demands.

Montaggi Meccanici - Servizi Zava Meccanica

Mechanical Assembling

Thanks to its experience Zava Meccanica s.r.l. is one of the companies leader in assemblings for paper industry both for complete new plants and for modifications on the existing machine.

The seriousness of the managerial staff and of our technicians, the respect for the consignation times of the plant and, above all, the reliability of the executed work give to our customers the maximum security to the works to do.

It’s for these motives that we enumerate between our customers not only national and international paper mills, but also the most important builders of paper machines, which rely on us already since years.

Piping - Servizi Zava Meccanica

Piping and plants

Thanks to the know-how of the paper mill’s plants, we are able to execute the piping on oleodinamic and pneumatic plants, piping of vacuum and stock preparation plants, piping of steam and water plants.

Attrezzature - Servizi Zava Meccanica

Equipment and instrumentation

To optimize our work, to increase our efficiency, precision and rapidity we are always careful to what the technology put to the service of mechanic.
We have all the traditional devices like optical levellers, theodolites, water levellers and comparators. We also have a special laser instrument for the perfect lining up of any kind of transmission organ or motor.

We dispose in fact of a full series of ordinary and extraordinary technical equipments that permit us to transfer into the paper mill the most functionally and efficient mechanical workshop to service of our technicians.